Haiku poems

Haiku poems for seven of my paintings were written by Katherine Roth. This spring my “Artists Roundtable” will publish a book that will show these paintings together with other artists’ work

Below are the individual poems that I will now also insert into the earlier posts showing these paintings:

The blue hat knows shadows too
Here the still mind rests

From here I might fly
Above stones and cresting waves
Yet sand warms my feet

Evening light arrives
Our meditative eyes behold
The gift of color

Beach plums blossom
Whimsical between the hills’
Evocative view

Sweat on my forehead
Drips down into sand as I
Defy gravity

Jigsaws of color
Reflecting patterns of light as
Water becomes art

The rose hued dune waits
As the turquoise blue water
Washes her feet clean

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