3 thoughts on “Play-in-the-sky”

  1. You have actually captured & enhanced?? that favorite beach walk ..abstract color intensity on wood met with success

  2. Hi Birget,
    John and I are having dinner out tonight and I am showing him your paintings in your website. We both agree that they are gorgeous.

    Thanks for showing me your website. It was fun seeing your work and listening to your comments on each of your paintings.

    Thank you!

  3. Thank you, Janny, I too very much enjoy your colorful paintings that you showed me on instagram.

    I appreciated you also liking one of my ‘unfinished paintings’. I am beginning to paint in that style again after all that seascape work that I did in Michigan.

    I am not sure that an artist’s comments are all that useful. Comments may interfere with the viewer’s own response. It is better to listen to the viewer’s comments

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