cobalt violet dune

2014; oil on wood, 18 x 18 inches

What comes to mind is movement: Sloping dunes and clouds sailing the sky and mist rising from the water. Amethyst dune meeting water turquoise, and sky reflecting down into a deep blue portal.

2 thoughts on “cobalt violet dune”

  1. Hello Birgit,
    The painting is exquisite. The photograph is good but the original is even more so. The sparkling dune is my favorite.
    Do you miss our dear Michigan?

  2. Thank you, Katherine,

    I do miss the nature and my dear friends in Northern Michigan.

    Here in NYC, I enjoy learning from the artists meeting at Minerva Durham’s studio Learning to draw the human figure teaches me to see. Dunes and human bodies share their curved shapes.

    I also do enjoy the diversity here. Yesterday, celebrating Minerva’s 79th birthday, L D Frazier sang gospels.

    I am reading your poems.

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