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Haiku poems

Haiku poems for seven of my paintings were written by Katherine Roth. This spring my “Artists Roundtable” will publish a book that will show these paintings together with other artists’ work

Below are the individual poems that I will now also insert into the earlier posts showing these paintings:

The blue hat knows shadows too
Here the still mind rests

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Early Morning view from the Empire Bluff

This painting will be published in a book ‘Art of the Sleeping Bear Dunes’ and also exhibited in the Dennos Museum, Traverse City, MI, next fall.

45 cm x 60 cm, oil on maple panel

Artist statement: The Sleeping Bear Dunes are shaped by wind, waves and snow. Their sandy surface shows intriguing textures – parallel ripples of sand, circles from wind-blown grasses, designs painted by glittering shells and black sand. Even their major form subtly changes with every storm. It feels good to greet a new day from the Empire Bluff looking at the Great Lake and Living Dunes. My mentors: Karl Zipser, Painting; Troels Jorgensen, Geometry.