Art Statement and Bio


I have become a regional painter of the Sleeping Bear Dunes, the National Seashore of Lake Michigan.  

The first time that I hiked in the Sleeping Bear Dunes by myself, in solitude, a Eureka happened to me: No one violated the earth here with bombing. Having lived in post WWII Germany, I appreciate the peace of the Michigan Dunes.

I am now painting my perception of the nature here around me – orientation to the Sleeping Bear Dune spirit.  

My Art: I learned oil painting techniques from Karl Zipser, and human figure drawing from Minerva Durham, NYC. Exhibited paintings in Michigan at the Grand Rapid’s and in juried exhibitions at the Dennos Museum and Oliver Art Center. Exhibited charcoal/pastel drawings of the human figure in NYC at the springstudiosoho. Member of the now inactive blog

Art Publications: The Art of the Sleeping Bear Dunes, page 44. (Leelanau Press, 2013); The Artists’ Round Table, pages 108 – 115. (Mitchell Graphics, 2016)

Science: B.S. from Columbia University, NYC; Ph.D. in the Neurosciences from Albert Einstein College of Medicine, NYC; founding director of James Watson’s Neuroscience program at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories, NY; sabbatical with Candace Pert at NIH, MD; Mathilde Solowey Award in the Neurosciences, NIH; Professor of Physiology at Michigan State University, MI.

Born: in Germany as Birgit Ostermann; professionally known as Birgit Zipser.

Where: Living Empire, MI.

oil painting