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Flight Pattern of Crow on Icy Lake Michigan Shore

Frozen winter shore —-Snowy waves rolling inland—-Sunshine in ice crystals

A single crow flew alongside a rim of ice hills on the shore of Lake Michigan, Sleeping Bear Dunes, February 2022. Finally it settled down on one of the ice hills. Photos of successive patterns of its flight were assembled in adobe photoshop and freely painted on a wood panel, 84 x 22 in, oil

Acknowledging my friends: Dewey Blocksma crafted the panel and Jenny Munten helped arranging the flight pattern.

deer on a snowy eve

Deer are feeding on a block of compressed sunflower seeds in the backyard of my friend Jenny Munten. With her trail cams, she also captures bobcats, coyotes, turkeys, raccoons, foxes, rabbits and opossums in our neighborhood abutting on the Sleeping Bear Dunes, Michigan’s National Seashore. – Opossums are most welcome because they are supposed to be savvy at smelling out tick nests to devour the ticks. – Also abundant are ravens, crows and blue jays.

oil on wood panel, 8 x 10 inches

Capering along the Shore

oil on aluminum panel, 48 x 24 in

‘Capering along the Shore’ is the fourth painting in the Motion series

My current series of oil paintings (4 x 2 ft) showing ‘People in Motion’ is based on montages made from photographs and excerpts of videos overlaid with photos of a sunset reflecting in South Bar Lake, waves of Lake Michigan or clouds in an evening sky. This series was a dynamic extension of earlier paintings of models in still poses. ‘Dancing in the Sunset’ is based on excerpts from a video of the model Kuan dancing in the Spring Studio in NYC, stringing together her still poses; ‘Playing at the Beach’ shows my Grandson skimboarding at the water’s edge of Lake Michigan; ‘Dancing in the Sky’ is based on excerpts of the Polunin’s Hawaiian dance ‘Take me to Church’; ‘Capering along the Shore’ is based on snapshots of my friend Cindy at the shore of Lake Michigan. 

Dancing in the sunset is the first, and
Playing at the Shore is the second.
Dancing in the Sky is the third