River that flows on…

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, oil on wood, 24 x 24 in

River of life that flows on, Troels said looking at this painting.

The body of water depicted here is called North Bar Lake. Currently, it is  flowing into Lake Michigan which caused its water level to drop about a yard, thereby widening the curve of the sandy beach, here covered by snow.

A decade ago, someone filmed different spots around the globe for the full 24 hour day without naming the locations. Videos were projected in Times Square, NYC. North Bar Lake was one of the locations.

This is my first snow painting using as a motif one of the memorable spots around the world.

9 thoughts on “River that flows on…”

  1. it truly is a life renewing source that is seasonless and you captured it’s essence beautifully.

  2. The man-made barrier adds to this piece. The snow with vegetation peeking out of the snow as well as the trees against the snowy background to the left adds great contrast and content to this piece. Nice painting.

    1. Barb, there is nothing man-made in the Sleeping Bear Dunes. The topology is continuously sculpted by nature. In my painting, the bright elongated shape in front of the trees hides the channel that connects this little lake to Lake Michigan. the horizontal elevation sticks out more since the channel opened to the big lake lowering the water level. When the channel briefly opened last year, I ask DNR people whether they had bull-dozed the opening of the channel. The answer was no, no human intervention – Wind and Waves are at work. – A more mysterious phenomena is the moving dune that Troels and I had studied a decade ago. It moved south to north quite at a distance to the water. What moved it?

    2. The contrast that you mentioned may have helped to finish this painting more quickly. Now thinking about it, it actually is not the first but the second snow painting. Last year’s deers in the snow were the first. That too was done more quickly. More quickly means several weeks rather than months. I am a slow.

    1. Thank you, Janny. In the winter, it is very quiet. In the summer, little kids play in the channel in front of the trees that now connects the little lake with the big lake.

    1. Thank you, Jonathan. I often think of you looking at your gifts from China many, many years ago

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