Summer Wave at the Shore of Lake Michigan

24 x 12 in, oil on wood

On a sunny summer day,  breaking waves can have a lovely teal color at the shore of Lake Michigan.   With the right angle of the sun, the thin transparent layer of water below the crest appears blue-green.


8 thoughts on “Summer Wave at the Shore of Lake Michigan”

  1. Thanks, Barb, this was a painting started many years ago based on waves that fascinated my mother who lived at the German North Sea where the mudflats (spanning from Denmark to Holland) make the water greyish opaque. Recently, I totally redid the painting and am happy. – Now that it is summer again, I have fun with brighter colors, being not only a regional but also seasonal painter. Happy to live in a place with a changing climate offering different seasonal hues.

    1. Much appreciated, Paul, since you know what these summer waves look like as they break on the beach of the Sleeping Bear Dunes.

  2. unique but truthful color choices for the wave layers, Birgit and I love the scale of the waves!

    1. Thank you, Cindy. Your mentioning the ‘wave layer’, made me think that the more conventional way to represent seascapes are three layers of sky, water, earth.

  3. Thank you Birgit! Your painting reveals the truth about water…it is a liquid jewel…

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