Wolfgang Heitmann – Composer of Contemporary Music

Wolfgang Heitmann improvised ‘Sounds’ to some of my paintings in  2013. I showed Wolfgang my painting on an iPad  and, while seeing them for the first time, Wolfgang improvised the sounds.

 I am grateful for the many inspirational discussions with Wolfgang and Brigitte Schmitz in Brigitte’s home in Bonn.


2 thoughts on “Wolfgang Heitmann – Composer of Contemporary Music”

  1. Truly enjoyed seeing your paintings in this musical gallery. Such exciting use of color!

  2. Wolfgang Heitmann was very special. I tremendously enjoyed my weekends with him and Brigitte Schmitz, my biochemistry friend in Bonn, full of exciting discussions on all kinds of topics. Brigitte (with great organizing talent as shown by founding biochemistry teaching laboratories in medical schools in the Congo after her retirement) planned to have exhibitions in Bonn with Wolfgang composing further songs for my paintings. Hélas, Wolfgang has died after having lived too intensely https://wolfgangheitmannmusik.wordpress.com/

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