In the mid-sixties of the last century, Gerhard Richter did photo-paintings using photographs of family. Now, half a century later, I felt the same urge to paint my family. In contrast to  Richter’s “hallmark blurred photographs”, with my science background, I still enjoy putting my motifs into focus. To add a context to a given photograph, a time or emotional context, I overlaid it with another image, a technique I learned doing scientific illustrations.

Woods Hole, 1969; 12-years-later, 2006 & 2018;  and Borkum, 1946; are oils on ACM covered with Belgian Linen, 8 x 10 inches. Banter Sea, 2007 and High Line 2019 are oils on wooden panels, 16 x 16 and 16 x 12, respectively.


2 thoughts on “Context”

  1. Wow. I love the work and all the colors. Especially the last one with purple. Are you showing any this year?

  2. In your email, you mention the painting showing the dog on top of the Sleeping Bear Dunes which is also on my business card. I have been wondering what to put on its backside. The purple ‘High Line’ will fit well. To view the paintings, come and visit us in Empire this summer!!! – Thank you for appreciating my work.

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