Flight Pattern of Crow on Icy Lake Michigan Shore

Frozen winter shore —-Snowy waves rolling inland—-Sunshine in ice crystals

A single crow flew alongside a rim of ice hills on the shore of Lake Michigan, Sleeping Bear Dunes, February 2022. Finally it settled down on one of the ice hills. Photos of successive patterns of its flight were assembled in adobe photoshop and freely painted on a wood panel, 84 x 22 in, oil

Acknowledging my friends: Dewey Blocksma crafted the panel and Jenny Munten helped arranging the flight pattern.

6 thoughts on “Flight Pattern of Crow on Icy Lake Michigan Shore”

  1. The painting is an incredible size. The repeating birds and white shapes in the foreground make this painting an interesting study in contrasts. The undulating foreground contrast with the strong horizon sky and water.

    1. Would it help to lighten the water around crow pattern 7 & 8 to make them more visible such as the earlier crow flight pattern?

  2. Beautiful! I love the contrast of the black crow on the lighter background. ❤️

  3. What a thrill to watch the crows take flight as they have more detailed highlights…or is it the great contrast in foreground by illuminating the beach ice? Looking forward to experiencing it in person with you!

    1. The crows do have highlights where the sun reflected off them (Rembrandt Silver mixed with Old Holland Black & either Ultramarine Blue or Alizarin Red.).

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